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Re: Baby cereal
Aug 11, 2006
In the UK the advice is to wait until at least 6 months, but this has only increased from 4 months in the last year or so. I breast fed my DD exclusively until my 'mommy's instinct' told me that she was ready for weaning at 5 months. I started very gently with baby rice (I think it's the same as baby cereal) mixed with EBM, then followed the plans in one of the Annabel Karmel books to gradually introduce different puréed foods, followed eventually by things that she could pick up and eat. We spent longer than most people do giving her puréed foods, but now at 11 months she is happily eating most things (though lots of it ends up in her hair, ears, eyes and on the floor!). I would reiterate what a previous poster said, though, that the introduction of food is to give them a taste and should not replace their milk allowance until they are getting their nutrients from eating 3 meals a day several months down the line. My DD still has at least 3 8oz bottles of formula every day, as well as 3 meals and occasional snacks.

I strongly disagree with those people who intend giving their children meat as an introduction to solid food. They need to learn how to take food from the front of their mouths to their throats first, so why not start with something that is a bit more gentle on the mouth, throat and stomach before risking them choking on something fairly indigestible like meat?


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