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Does anyone have a good feeding schedule/chart for infants about a year old? How much are your babies eating? DS seems to be on a rampage lately. He loves to eat! He gets the min. bottles per day, (3) but he's maxed out on solids and still wants more. I'm thinking one of three things is going on.
1) He's hit a growth spurt.
2) He's tonnes more active and is burning more.
3) He's eating because when he sees others eat, he thinks he should be too

I say the last one because when he sees someone eating, he does a beeline over to them and wants to share. He just started dayhome 3 days a week and I know the kids have 2 snacks and their lunches take longer than ours do between the two of us and I'm wondering if he's just eating because they are. He seems to be eating alot more there than at home. This is what he eats at home.

Breakfast- 1/2 cup cereal with fruit
Snack- Bottle and a few finger foods
Lunch- 2 oz veggies, 2 oz fruit, 2 oz yogurt or cottage cheese
Snack- Bottle and finger food
Dinner- 4.5 oz Meat/veggies, 2 oz fruit
Snack- Bottle

I hate to add another bottle when he's probably getting close to going off bottles soon.

I'm going to at least try to bulk up the finger food times with some steamed veggies. I'd like to keep the snacks healthy and I'm also hoping that since the veggies are harder for him to pick up, that they will keep him busier if it is indeed that he's eating more to mimic as opposed to being hungry. Any suggestions on other healthy finger foods would be appreciated!

Do infants suddenly eat like machines at a year old?

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