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I know exactly how you feel..and not to scare you or anything but DS [B]JUST[/B] started sleeping throught the night in the last month...he will be 1year old this Saturday. I don't know how common it is for 18 week olds to sleep through the night but I did rent a baby sleep book from the library (not sure if it was Happiest Baby On The Block or The No Cry Sleep Solution) but they said it could take up to 2 years to get them to sleep through the night. A friend of mine's little guy didn't sleep through the night until he was 18 months old. (I recommend the No Cry Sleep Solution-it was a good book that kept me wanting to read, the other one I found kinda boring and I never did end up finishing reading it)

But I know my son also went through cycles where he would sleep somewhat OK (maybe wake up 2 times a night for a period of time) then all of a sudden go through spurts where he woke up 5 or more times, I figured it was teething or growth spurts where he needed more food. The pediatrician also mentioned it could be separation anxiety. I didn't have the heart to do the cry it out method, so I just was patient and let him figure out when the time was right and ran my schedule around how I felt the next day...I tended to do things in the late afternoons so I could sleep in or go for naps with the kids. I suggest not to commit to anything when friends call and ask you to participate...tell them you may or may not but it all depends on how you feel from the night before.

For DS the thing that seemed to help him sleep better was when I was finally able to get him to drink whole milk...I had been trying to wean with no luck and asked the health nurse for suggestions to getting him to drink Milk or Formula, she suggested trying flavoured milk, which seemed to work, we were able to get him to drink 3 bottles of milk in addition to his meals and snacks and he immediatly started sleeping through the night for 5 days straight, then he started waking again and now will sometimes wake up but only to get his pacifier or maybe a sip of water...most times he'll go back to sleep on his own before I even go in.

I also avoided picking DS up when he woke through the night. I would lay him down, give him his pacifier, pat his back or rub his hair, turn on his crib music, and leave the room. At first I would have to go in a few times because he would start crying as soon as I left the room, but eventually he learned that I would give him what he needed and he could go back to sleep without me. If he needed a diaper change or if I figured he was hungry I would change him or feed him, but if I knew that wasn't the case I would be consistant and just put him back down and leave the room.

Be patient, and try to go to bed earlier so you can get as much rest as you can. This is just a temporary thing and eventually you will have a baby who sleeps through the night. Goodluck.

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