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If you're breastfeeding hold off on the bottle until you meet with a lactation consultant. I went through the same thing and introducing the bottle/formula almost wiped out my supply. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently.

First, make sure it's the same scale, same time of day, same meal times (to avoid being full one time and empty another), naked, and after the scale has been calibrated.

Second, watch the diapers. If baby is having 5-6 WET diapers, you're probably fine. Also watch the baby. Content after a feeding? Still hungry?

Third, get to a lactation consultant!!! An internationally board certified one (IBCLC). They will help you to determine if baby is sucking properly. Even the slightest latch problem can make for ineffective nursing, which will leave baby unsatisfied, and can cause slow weight gain (or loss).

Fourth, don't use a bottle (or ANY artificial nipple for that matter, including pacifiers). All that constant comfort and cluster feeding in the begin will help establish your supply. ANY time off the breast which results in a missed feeding will negatively impact your supply. Get an SNS (supplemental nursing system). It allows you to supplement while still latching baby onto the breast because you tape a small feeding tube in place so they get supplementation while still breastfeeding. This is really important for the first 6 weeks because your supply is not established yet. Things become more regular after the 6 week growth spurt.

And lastly, take a deep breath and relax. All babies are different, even siblings. Some just gain slower then others. My daughter, after loosing weight in the begging, is still a slow gainer. But, she's healthy!

The worst thing I did was introduce a bottle. If I could go back and change the things I did, I would do all of the above. The bottle took time away from breastfeeding and really damaged my supply, and it took me TEN weeks to build it back up so we could stop supplementing. She did need the formula supplement in the [i]beginning[/i], however, the way we went about it was all wrong. We used Enfamil's high calorie preemie formula, but I just wish we had used the SNS sooner instead of the bottle.

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