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Hey everyone,

Hang in there - it gets better, even though it will get worse too. Liam is now 14 months old and has slept really well for about 4 monhts. He is going through a bit of a blip because he is either teething or going through a growth spurt or both. So, he is waking up at midnight or so and having a quick bottle and then goes right back to sleep. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes and then we are all back to sleep.

What I have learned in the past year is that once you get used to a routine, it changes. Having accepted that, I feel better when it happens. I sometimes laugh at myself now when I groan at midnight because my sleep will be disrupted for 10 minutes. A year ago I would have killed for just ONE night like that.

It will get better. You will sleep. Can you ask your spouses to give you one night where you sleep out of earshot of the baby? ( It is amazing how comfortable a couch can feel when there is no baby monitor around.) You need the rest.

Good luck,


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