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yes, enjoy it while you can.
my first son (now 4) was breastfed until 16 months, so we co-slept until then. then i started putting him in his own bed (still in our room) when he would first go to sleep, then he would end up in the bed with us. then i started putting him back in his bed after he would go back to sleep, eventually, he started sleeping all night @ around 2 in his toddler bed that was in our room. then when he was a little over 2 we found out that we were expecting again, and decided to take the next nine months to get him sleeping in his own room. We went out and bought him an new twin big boy bed. it took one night. He has slept in his own room ever since. even when he is sick, i can't get him to sleep with us. :(
for those who listen to country music, when i first moved him to his room, they came out with that song, "let them be little" and he says in the song, "let them sleep in the middle". I was pregnant and hormonal and cryed all day and decided to put him back in our bed, but he didn't want to.
North is right, enjoy it, i remember griping about it when it was going on and saying i needed to get him to his bed, but enjoyed every min. of it and wouldn't change a thing. they do grow up too fast, in one year mine will be in kindergarten. :( Ok, let's not talk about it.
and now with our 13 month old son, i don't know what happen, he always slept with us until 11 months, now he wants to sleep in his own bed. but when i can i take naps with him in our bed, just to get a little extra cuddling. (it's hard to cuddle a little wild child that never slows down)
anyways, enjoy it, they will be in their own bed before you know it.
sorry for this post being so long.
take care and sleep well (with that baby :) )

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