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I was curious as to whether I really need a highchair or if I can improvise otherwise. Pleasxe provide me with how long you used yours for and what you use! Thanks!
I think most people use their high chair for at least 1 year and six months, probably more. Our son turned 1 yesterday and we will still use it for many months.

We use it 3-4 times a day, every time our child eats, so it is not something that I would think is easy to do without. I live in a small house (our kitchen is not big enough to fit a tiny table into) and so I considered getting a booster seat instead (that may be what you mean by improvising), which is what some people do. I am glad our friends gave us the high chair their kids had outgrown. It has gotten more use than any other item of gear we own. The reason I like the high chair better than a booster seat is that when your child starts to feed himself, most of the food gets smeared and thrown in a large area around them. The great thing about a high chair is that you can pop the tray out and wash it, rather than having to wash your entire dining room table.

[QUOTE=OrangeCouture]I was curious as to whether I really need a highchair or if I can improvise otherwise. Pleasxe provide me with how long you used yours for and what you use! Thanks![/QUOTE]
i have 2 children, 4 and 13 months. and we have always had some kind of chair in use.
we bought a high chair with our first son and starting using it at around 5 months and he continued to sit in it until he was 2 1/2.
we used the same high chair with our second until he figured out how to crawl out, even through the straps, and it didn't close tight enough around his tummy to keep him from standing and even standing on the tray :eek: . he had gotten a booster seat with a play area for christmas (it's Fisher Price), so we started using that. it secures to a regular chair from behind and below, you can even use it on the floor, then it looks like a high chair and has a tray that closes tight and even straps. it came with a removable tray for food and even a tray that has toys on it. it is great and easy to store if we need to and even to take on trips. the back closes down and the tray fits over that. fits into the trunk easy. it has been all over with us. i would highly recommend it if you don't have much space.
I went out and bought a fancy aquarium series high chair that matched all DS's stuff and he wont sit in it. It is a constant fight for him to sit still and eat. When he was under 6 months he would sit in it but then one day he just decied he didnt want to use it anymore. He is now 14 months and I dont even try. He is just too busy and doesnt seem to want to sit still to eat. I have tried to use it at the kitchen table, in the kitchen, and I know it sounds bad but I have even tried to use it in front of the TV, and all he does is scream and cry to get out. I am nervous to strap him in because I am scared if he starts to choke I wouldnt be able to get him out in time but even if I strap him in he just screams and tries to undo the buckles. The most frusturating thing about it is he will sit still and eat for everyone but me.

Anyways sorry to rant, I really like the high chair I have because it has a removable tray you can take off and wash and it has adjustable height and reclining seat. It also came with some removable teething toys and a play center that attaches to the tray. The only thing I dont like about it is it has these ruffles all around the seat that are really hard to clean, food seems to be attracted to it. I actually just cut them off yesterday. I think I am going to try a booster seat and see if that works any better.
We have the Peg Perego Prima Pappa, in black leatherette, for our 4th baby (she's almost 18 mos). LOVE this thing, wish I could get one for myself sometimes. I can hose it off (for the really BAD messes), trays remove easily, has lots of adjustable features, folds up for storage or to take with you. Great for teeny babies to big kids. The tray will eventually come off and the seat height adjusts so it can pull right up to the table when her manners and skills are ready for that.

I've had the other types of chairs with my first 3 kids, Graco, Ikea and a Costco brand, this Peg Perego is the easiest. I agree with the other poster that said you'll use your high chair a lot. It and the stroller are typically the last "baby" items to still be lingering around the house and being used for our family.

The Peg is pricier than most and I agonized before spending the money, but I now wish I'd bought one for my first because I'd still have it for my fourth. They hold up so well, if you find a used one, that'd be a good way to go.

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