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yes, babies can get carsick, it is unusual, but unfortunately, both of my boys (4 and 13 months) have it. :dizzy: My first son started getting car sick around 2 to 3 months, but i definately knew. if we were in the car more than 15 min., he would throw up everywhere. unfortunately at 3 months, there is not much you can do. because of this my dr. had me turn him around to a front facing carseat at 6 months. also at 6 months you can give them benadryl or something like that before a trip.
but if she is just fussing and not spitting up, then it probably is just that she doesn't like her car seat. like the previous poster said, we have a tv in our car. it helps entertain, but also if she is getting car sick it will help. that is the only thing that has saved us (it helps them focus on one thing and not look all around). we have the tv on everywhere we go. our 13 month old was about 3 months when he started watching one, we just hung it over the back seat. elmo's world is his favorite. it's very colorful.
also if you can, try to leave when baby will be sleeping a while. we are going out of town in the morning. it is a 12 hour drive, so we are leaving at 2 in the morning, so the kids will sleep for the first 5 or 6 hours. pray for me, that i will have my sanity when we get there. :)
good luck and be safe on your trip

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