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13 months old and 16 teeth, WOW.
my 13 month old only has 8.
he sounds alot like your son. the dirtier the better. he loves it out side.
he too loves to climb. i have to becareful where i leave things, because he can climb on our bar. he is such a little toot. he loves anything to do with his big brother, although big brother doesn't always feel the same way. :)
he is not saying too much either. at this age my first son had a vocabulary of like 30 words. and Brayden only has like 10 maybe. like mama, dada, byebye, hot, papa, go, etc. but i have to remember every baby is different. my first son also didn't walk until 12 months but Brayden started walking at 10 months. now at 13 months he can run. he is gone before i know it. he is so much fun, but keeps me on my toes. my husband and i always said we would have 3 children, but lately with Brayden, he sayes he is happy with the 2 boys, so we'll see. i would still like to try for girl. dh says yeah, we'll just end up with twin boys. :)

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