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When my son turned 6 months I had him get the flu shot....and let me tell you, I don't think I'll ever do it again. My son got sick two days later he had the flu. Then he gave it to me, and it was even worse....I was so sick it wasn't funny, and imagune taking care of a sis month old who is sick while being sick as a dog yourself. NOT FUN. I believe that my doc gave him the live version of the flu--it was aweful.

And let me tell you, my son had gotten sick before and it was never bad. In fact anytime the household would have a cold, he would always have the mild version of it. And he rarely gets sick.

Plus the flu shot only prevents one or two strains of the flu--the flu itself is constantly morphing and changing and adapting. The flu is different from other diseases in that it can change--and quick. Some studies suggest that each year the flu gets stronger and worse because of the vaccines.

Now don't get me wrong, I agree with north on this one--the flu shot is meant for the elderly and those who have little to no immune system. But babies, breastfed or not, have incredible immune systems....natue made them that way, or how else would a baby even survive? Do you realize what goes into my sons mouth sometimes???? LOL. Just try to keep you baby away from people who are sick, wash your hands often and make sure they are well fed and happy, and it is very unlikely your baby will get the flu :)

But seriously, I think flu shots are good in theory, but I WILL NOT be getting one for my son.

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