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I do not agree with letting an infant sleep in a car seat or bouncy seat. They are meant to be used discriminatingly, not for full time sleeping. My SIL is a PTA, my FIL is a chiro, and my husband is an MD, and NONE of them would recommend letting an infant sleep in a car seat every night. Propping a baby upright before they have the muscle development to do it on their own puts tremendous strain on their spine. A car seat is a necessity, however, bouncy seats are not, and it is for this reason that we chose to forgo them all together.

Having said, Steph hit the nail on the head. Your baby is used to sleeping in your tummy, so it's no wonder she doesn't want to sleep without you. It's TOTALLY normal! They slept with us, ate with us, rode with us, and listened to us for 9 months, it's going to take at least that long on the outside for them to feel secure enough to sleep on their own. Some people are blessed with easy sleepers, other, like me, are not. :p My daughter has co-slept with us since birth. She is 6 months old now, and only just recently have I been able to move her, while fully asleep, to her room for a few hours while DH and I snuggle and "watch TV" in bed.

Are you breastfeeding? Because if you are, co-sleeping is a God send in that department too. You just roll over, and voilą, she's feeding! No getting out of bed, fumbling with nursing pillows, trying to hold your head up as you rock BOTH of you to sleep. I honestly don't know how people can stay awake at night to do that.

Sleeping alone is not something that comes easy to a baby, and is not something that should be forced (in my opinion, anyways) either. Just keep following your daughters cues, and eventually she'll feel secure enough to sleep on her own.

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