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[QUOTE=j baby]my little has slept with me from day 1, before we even left the hospital!!! i actually think its SAFER to co-sleep. when you co-sleep, your baby won't sleep as deeply reducing the chances of SIDS. [/quote]

I totally agree!!

[quote]she's lucky it wasn't me that she started spouting off that crap to because i really would have let her have it![/QUOTE]

Me too!!

After waking up stiff the other morning from Ava grinding her toe nails into my back all night, I was grumbling about co-sleeping. Totally normal. Anyway, I was talking to a friend about it, and she really put it in perspective for me. She told me about her grand parents who are retired in Florida. Her grandpa has his entire garage all categorized in neat little boxes. All his tools and gadgets are all labeled, alphabetized, and neatly stacked all in order. Her grandma did the same thing in the kitchen. Clearly they have way too much time on their hands. But the thing is, is that one day we'll be in their shoes. It's hard to think now, but yes, we WILL have time to spare. LOL

I stopped grumbling and picked my daughter up. Even if she does sleep with me for 4 years, when I'm old and gray and am reorganizing my garage for the umpteenth time, I'll be thankful I didn't rush her, and that I cherished the time when she WANTED to be with me (instead of shipping me off to SO TRUE!!

Shanz, others have said my thoughts about safety already, so you should really just ignore that batty lady. I've had a few people say unwanted things, and even after reasoning with them they continue. I simply say "I feel confident with my decision to do [insert parenting choice here], so this conversation is done. Thank you for your opinion, I'll think about it."

Usually that's enough to shut people up. In the beginning I used to just keep my mouth shut, smile and nod. Not anymore. I'm sick of people thinking I'm a moron because I'm a first time parent with JUST a 6 month old. Every old woman and their dog thinks they need to school me in wise parenting. It drives me nuts. Now I stand up for myself, and when some people just won't quit I nicely tell them they're wasting their time.

I love co-sleeping!!! :D

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