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Since birth my son seems to have had a problem with a sensitive stomach. No matter what formula we tried, it left him constipated non stop. The doctor suggested we put him on Similac allimentum which seems to have worked well for the time, however my son is a large baby and it's time to start solids. I started him on cereal with a little formula and he absolutely will not give it a chance I'm guessing cause it tastes so horrible. Now he'll accept it if it's mixed with sweet potatos or a fruit diluted some what with water. Almost like a not too thick liquid consistancy that still slides easily off the spoon. And I give it to him once or twice a day. But now it seems like the constipation is starting all over again even though I am only feeding him a small amount of solids. It is obvious to me he is uncomfortable. I feel so helpless. Doctor suggested one other time a while ago to allow a little bit of apple or prune juice to help ease him up, and I did try it with not even a little bit of success. Has anyone ever had this problem with your baby? I need some advice on what to do. He can't be on formula forever as it is just not filling him up anymore . Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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