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Going from a co-sleeping relationship to CIO is very traumatic. On one hand you have been there, in visual sight, whenever your baby needs you. He has not needed to cry to get his needs met at night. And to then on the other hand not only will you be out of sight, but to then have to resort to crying to get his needs met must be very confusing.

Have you considered transitioning him to a crib another way. Perhaps a mattress on your floor, or in his room? Can you nurse him down and then roll away? What we plan on doing is putting a mattress in her room, completely babyproofed, nurse her down, then roll away. No picking him and transfering him, very easy. Nurse back to sleep as needed.

Also, for a baby who has never been confined, a crib can be very frightening. An open bed on the floor might be easier to transition too.

We co-sleep and Ava doesn't sleep well with us at moment (cutting two teeth, learning to crawl, very busy and usually way over stimulated at night to snuggle peacfully). I'm able to transfer her to her crib while sleeping, but we've ordered a twin mattress to put on her floor instead of the crib. Honestly, it seems really irritating to lift her up over the rail, put her in, lift the rail, and sneak out. Mind you, she doesn't fall asleep indipendently yet either...

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