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The book breaks it down to 0-4 months, 4-6, 6-12.

Before 4 months, the main difference is...the pick-up/put down part might be too disruptive. I think she suggests more of the shush/pat method and swaddling is key at this age too. And, the EASY schedule is 3 hours, not 4.

From birth, you can start a routine. The book stresses this is a routine, not a schedule. She uses the acronym, E.A.S.Y (Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your time) We're using the following guidline. **Please know she is 6 months old and this is different for younger babies, preemies, sick etc...there are exceptions!

7:00 Wake and feed bottle right away (E)
7:30 Play, Errands (we go get Starbucks!!) (A) (I give her a solid food now)

9:00 Nap #1: goal is 1.5-2.0 hours (S) **It's not like I lay her down and boom she's asleep. This takes an average of 20 min when you're changing the way she goes to sleep. The book states in some cases, it can take hours of the PU/PD method to achieve sleep. But, remember she is learning. It's like a week of hell for a lifetime of good sleep habits.

This is (Y)our time to do whatever!!!

11:00 Wake and feed
11:30 Activity (I try to devote this block of time to her. ie. tummy time, walks, toys,)
1:00 Nap #2: goal is 2 hours
3:00 Wake and feed
5:00 Catnap if needed 45 min MAX
7:00 Bath, Bottle relax time
7:30 Bedtime (knowing it taked 20-30 min for her to settle)
11:00PM Dream Feed: You're supposed to feed as she's still in a light sleep. This gets her through until 7:00am

Trust me, I'm really not a "schedule" type of person. I like to see where life takes us and go with the flow. But, that's ME! A child needs and craves predictability. The change in her is noticeable and wonderful. But, when something changes the routine, or she has a growth spurt or whatever...we can be flexible.:)
The major adjustment for her has been eating first and learning how to sleep without a feed. So, far it has been a miracle.:angel: I can't believe no one told me about this. I would have done things differently.

PS Loathe...I did the same thing with 11:00pm bed thinking she would sleep later. I cannot believe the difference of the earlier bedtime.

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