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I have twin 8 month old girls and they are for the most part good babies. Well, except for the fact that they are not yet sleeping completely through the night. I put them in bed about 8:00 and they will wake up at anywhere from 3:00-4:00 a.m.Even if we are out somewhere and they eat later than 7:30 and I put them down later they still wake up at 3 or 4. I tend to think they are waking up out of habit because I feed them right before they go to bed, they each eat 6 ounces of food and about a jar each. So from whatever time they wake up in the morning they eat every 6 hours after that. I would just like to get them on a schedule where they eat at 6a.m. noon and 6 p.m. with snacks in between. Is that asking too much for them to sleep from 8-6? I have had a few people saw that to break there baby of the middle of the night bottle they just let them cry it out. They told me it only took them 2-3 days and they were off the night bottle. What do you guys think, is that a good thing to do?
[QUOTE=Noel's girl]is that a good thing to do?[/QUOTE]

No, letting a baby cry is never Ok. If this was your grandmother, or your husband, would leave them in a dark room all by themselves in an attempt to "teach" them something or "break" them of a habit? I wouldn't.

The reason it's not Ok is because babies do not understand reason. You cannot tell them "I'm going to put you down, walk out of the room, and let you cry because for some reason you should be able to sleep on your own, so therefore I will ignore you until you do". Thay simply do not understand *why* they are being left to cry and it's not fair. I wouldn't do it to a friend or my husband or my grandmother, so I certainly wouldn't do it to my daughter.

Further more, it's NORMAL for babies to wake at night. Sleeping through the night, while it certainly is nice, is not a milestone that must be met at a certain age. It's entirely dependent on the child and their personality, and forcing it is no safer then tying sticks to their leg and forcing them to walk before they're ready.

As I type this my almost 7 month old daughter is asleep in my lap. She can't fall asleep on her own, and she doesn't sleep long periods of time when she is on her own. She also wakes the same time every night for a feeding, which usually isn't even a full feeding. Does she *need* to eat? No, probably not. But how do I articulate that to a 7 month old? I can't. My only option is to continue to make her feel worthy of my time by answering her calls until such a time comes that we CAN sit down and talk about why she's waking in the night.

Would it be beneficial for her to get 10 hours of sleep at night, uninterrupted? Sure! It would be for me too. LOL. But is it worth the risk of emotional damage by letting her cry and feel abandoned, defeated, and frustrated? I don't think so.

Think of your little babies as people who cannot speak English. Just because you all don't speak the same language doesn't mean they aren't worthy of an explanation. It's going to be a while before they're going to understand that explanation, so you have to sort of roll with the punches in the mean time.

Eventually they will drop the feed, don't force it. Ava has dropped feeds and picked up new ones I can't tell you how many times. This is why I simply can't enforce a schedule, because as soon I "break" one habit, she'd pick up a new one. It's normal. Learning new things and growing at the rate they grow from birth until 2 years is a HECTIC time. Their minds and bodies will never grow like this again. Being a little discombobulated is only to be expected. Especially when they can't express their feelings by talking or writing a poem. They do so through us, hence the reason we can't ignore it.

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