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Ah it sounds like you have enough stress in your life and you don't need a crying baby to add to it. Are you home with him all the time or are you working? If you are home, try to get your sleep when he naps during the day so that you have more energy and patience when he is up at night. I know that my boys both seemed to sleep well on their own until the early hours of the morning and then wanted to eat and sleep with me or even just snuggle in. You might get a longer sleep with him if he's with you in bed...he may need that comfort. I am not a big supporter of co-sleeping as I can't do it....I don't relax enough to get any sleep. But it works for some and may be the cure he needs.
As I said before, swings are great to sooth a baby. Also warm, not hot, water bottles against their tummies are supposed to work...but that might be an old wives tale and I can't say I've tried it.
What is his night routine like? And how's yours? It might be worth looking into giving him a 'sleeping' feed before you go to bed...wake him enough to give him a bottle before you head to bed for the night so that he might last longer after you've gone to bed.
Hope these thoughts are helpful.

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