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I first want to start off by saying that I am sorry for your loss. It must have been very hard for your family.

I was in the same boat as you for a long time. I exclusively BF ds till he was 14 months old ( other than meals) and aslo co-slept. It was great and awful at the same time. He never slept, and neither did we. He nursed through the night till he was 1, and def. nursed more when he was teething. I did choolse to night wean because I thought it might let him sleep better if he was not waking to feed, because it had definitely had become a habit to wake for that. Night weaning was actually very easy, and went ver well. When he woke, I just held him, and let him be upset( which was only the first night) and gave him his pacifier. After that night, he was okay with it, and did sleep a tiny bit better.

At 14 months I weaned him completely, he was ready. He was fussing around too much, and not concentrating on nursing, so it went very easy. I just held him and hugged him to sleep.

Then at 17 months old, I had had it! He was not sleeping( waking up to 10 times in a night) and taking over the bed. He moved too much, and noone was happy. At this point, I knew he needed to learn to self soothe. So, I played with him in his crib for about a week straight before it was time to nap. Then after a week, I put him in his crib at his nap time. He cried for a few minutes, maybe on and off for an hour. If he was full fledge crying I wouldn't have left him. I would go up there a few times, and hug him and would tell him what he had to do in his crib. I must have said " go to sleep honey, it's okay" over 1000 times. But after thathe did sleep. He woke up mad, but not upset.
After a few days of this, and very little crying, he slept throught the night. I could not believe it. Fast foward, 2 weeks, and he goes down without a hitch.

I did not have to let him CIO. He did it on his own. He was ready! I let him dictate when he was ready, and he did it. I realize now that he may have been better in the crib for the last few months, but he may hvae cried more, and if that would have been that case, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Do I think that you are keeping him from developing normally? NO! Babies do all things when they are ready. I do however believe now that you also have to guide then a little. I think that a baby in your bed is very different form a 2 or 3 year old. Maybe at that point, they could become too dependant, but in most cases it is the opposite.

It's hard when your mom is saying one thing, and you are doing another. Believe me, I had the same conversations with my mom. Do what you think is right. Do you think that your baby needs to sleep with you? Do you think your baby needs to nurse throught the night? Trust yourself, not others. I think that being consistent is key too. How does your dh or partner feel, this is important too.:wave:

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