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DS used to be a joy to feed. He ate everything, and lots of it. He had a bad cold for the last couple of weeks but seems to have gotten over it now. His appetite went way down when he was sick. The problem at the moment is that he gags now on anything remotely chunky. It started on noodlely and I'd noticed it with Jello, but now it seems to be just about anything. I gave him a plate of cooked mixed veggies, he used to eat them by the handful, and he threw most of them on the floor when he wasn't gagging them out of his mouth. Then I tried a little cottage cheese, a food he's been eating often since he was 6 months old, and he gagged so bad he vomited everything out. I'm basically back to giving him baby food and applesauce cups in order to ensure he doesn't throw everything back up. Anyone else have the gagging problem come up after they seemed to be doing well with textures? He's vomited 4 times on different foods he's eaten a million times in about as many days. He did eat some cut up fruit chunks, gerber puffs, crackers and a rice cookie just fine so I'm confused about what is going on here. Can this be a psycological problem? I really don't get it. I should add that he's only vomiting while he's eating and only after he's been gagging. I don't think there's any problems with his tummy. He doesn't seem the least bit sick otherwise.

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