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Well my baby came early due to my blood pressure. He was a little over 37 weeks. He had a slight case of jaundice and his tearducts weren't fully formed yet but he is getting better. He also had a hard time latching on during breastfeeding but is all better now! Here is what is going on now. I breastfeed, I don't use a pacifier, I let him sleep in our bed, I can't stand to leave him for a minute and I don't want to use a bottle yet. My M.I.L. of course shrugs her shoulders at everything I do. She won't stop bothering me to give him a pacifier, use a bottle and pump milk and leave with her to babysit. I told her the lactation counsler at the hospital said not to use a bottle until baby (only 2 weeks) is a month old otherwise he will get nipple confusion. My M.I.L. law tells me to get over it basically and let her babysit and let him have a bottle because eventually I will have to go back to work anyway. Will he get confused?
Also I noticed my son seems to jump/twitch when he sleeps. Not all the time but it seems like when I drink something like caffiene free soda or kool-aid. Could it be the sugar? I did drink caffiene (soda) once in a while when I was pregnant but haven't since he was born. My friend said she drank too much caffiene when she was pregnant and when the baby was born he twitched/jumped in his sleep.

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