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My daughter Ava is almost 10 months old. She does not attend daycare or anything. She was sick with high fever for about 6 days this past week. I took her to the Dr. on the first day of her fever and her ears, throat and lungs were all clear. Dr. could not find anything wrong and thought she had a viral illness. Her only symptoms were high fever and lethargy. No cold or flu symptoms. On the 4th day of running fever I called the Dr. back to see if this was normal and he sent her to the ER for a Urine analysis and CBC so he could get the results back right away. He said he did not feel it was normal for fever to last that long during a virus and thought maybe she had a bacterial or kidney infection. I took her straight to the ER and the ER also told me her illness was viral but that her white blood count was down (most likely due to being sick). I have a wonderful pediatrician and I completly trust him-he is highly recognized in the state I live and has been called a genius, so I don't doubt his diagnosis or anything, but I know sometimes things get overlooked. Her fever finally broke on the 6th day. However, she has these little swollen glands all along the back of her neck and by her ears. They have been there for going on 2 weeks. Are they swollen because she has been fighting off this illness? I start thinking worst case scenarios like cancer and crap...I hate it when I do this. I also let her fall off the bed about 5 weeks ago. I don't know how I let it happen, but it happened. I have tile floors and she hit really hard. I took her to the ER immediately. I was told by the ER that I was in worse condition than the baby..The ER docs were all hugging me and telling me everything was OK and that I just "joined the club" of babies falling of the beds. The baby did not even have a knot on her head. She fell flat on her face and she barely cried afterwards. I don't know how she was not hurt badly..they think maybe she broke her fall by sticking her arms out or something. They did not do a CT scan because she had 3 CT scans within the first week of her life because she had some bleeding on her brain, so they did not want to expose her to more radiation. Ava was acting normal and there were no knots on her head and her pupils were dilating correctly. They checked her from head to toe and sent her home. I still feel so guilty and terrible about it though. I keep thinking what if something during this fall has done something to her and caused her glands to swell. She was rubbing her head like maybe she had a headache during the days she had fever but I have not noticed anything since. I am going to make her a doctors appt tomorrow about the glands, but has anyone ever experience anything viral like this? I appreciate any feedback.

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