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Hi Gem,

I am sure there will be other folks who disagree when I say this but I suggest trying to cut out the feedings during the night. It sounds to me that she wakes up whenever she is at a light point in her sleep cycle. In her subconscious, she knows that if she just gives a little cry, she will get a bottle.

There are a bunch of ways to wean her from this routine. Some folks say to give her water in her bottle so it is less of an incentive to get up to eat. Others say just let her cry it out. We did the cry it out option but then again, my son was only getting up once or twice a night. I think it would be hard to do the CIO option 7 times in one night. If you do choose to go this way, please know that for MOST babies, after 2 or 4 bad nights, they do sleep through the night (which for many kids is defined for 5 hour stretches - not 8)

She can understand language now at 14 months. You can try holding her and whispering to her that it is time to sleep, not eat. That may get her to go back.

No matter which method you choose, there will be a few really hard nights. The pay off is worth it (or at least it was for us).

There are many books out on how to get your baby to sleep. I read many of them and found helpful bits in all of them. Your local library should have a section on this.

Good luck. Keep writing here when you get frustrated.


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