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I am a stay at home mom. 2 of my kids are in school day and I am home with my 7 month old dd. By the time noon comes I don't know what to do with her. We play pat a cake and read books and dance. I feel like I have to entertain her all day. Even trying to clean up the house makes me feel guilty like I'm neglecting her. I know that that's not true but I still feel that way.

So what do you ladies do with your babies for fun all day?
I have a7 month old daughter and I pretty much resumed my daily life that was before Alexa arrived. I take her with me everywhere and she is content to go along. That means to do any shopping and for any lengh of time too. (she is an easy and happy baby) and we go to the bookstore, library, stay home and clean. I play with her sometimes, and when I need to clean or want to read a few pages out of a book, I put her in the exersaucer or with some board books and toys on the floor to play.

You can even meet with other Mom's you may know. I did it once and it can be cool. I wasn't into it because all the other Mom's were either pregnant or trying and already had 1 or 2 others running around playing and I am only having one and she was 3 months at the time so I felt out of place by only having But that was the group I joined and they can be a blast!

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