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I need more info, but three things come to mind - over active let down, thrush, or reflux.

- How old is Baby?

- What does Baby's poops look like? Green, frothy?

- Any diaper rash?

- White patches in the mouth, on the roof of the mouth or gums?

- When Baby pulls off screaming, is he choking and sputtering, like with a mouth full of milk?

- Arching back and writhing in pain?

Over active let down is a big cause for pulling off at the breast because the milk ejection reflex is SO strong that it shoots milk into the back of their throat, making it hard for them to swallow. Usually when they pull off they have mouth full of milk, and you can see milk shooting out of your nipple. The best thing to do is to let that shoot into a breastpad until it subsides, then put the baby back on the breast. It's not that they aren't hungry, but it would be like drinking out of a fire-hose when your thirsty - very difficult! When you have an overactive letdown baby ends up getting more foremilk then hindmilk, which is higher in lactose (milk sugar) which is what causes green frothy poops. Block nursing so that baby only eats on one side per feeding will encourage baby to get to the hindmilk which his rich in fat, which will make the green poops go away.

Thrush is a yeast problem, and it causes pain when they suck. The tell tale sign is usually a white tongue. Breastfed babies normally have a white tongue from all the milk, but if you scrape the white stuff off with your finger and it's red and sore underneath, it's probably thrush. This can also be accompanied with a diaper rash. And when Baby gets thrush, you'll most likely get it too. It will hurt when baby latches on, and your nipples may be red and raw.

And lastly, reflux is when the valve that connects their stomach and esophagus is under developed and lets acid rise up their esophagus. It's usually seen when they're feeding because they're laying horizontal, and because it also hurts to suck. If your baby is generally unhappy in a laying down position it may be reflux. This is when they'll really throw a fit by arching their back, throwing their head back, kicking legs, and acting like they are generally in pain.

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