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I so feel for you, I really do. We're having sleep issues here too, but I've pretty much pinned it to teething (her uppers, she already has two bottom teeth). It sucks. She will NOT let me put her down, not at all. Not for a second. She sleeps all night with my nipple in her mouth, and wakes up the minute I roll out of bed to pee.

This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.

I also want to add that Wiesbluth is among the authors who I will NOT endorse (Ezzo and Ferber being another major two). He endorses the "extinction method" in which you shut the door and walk away. Letting a baby cry for as long as needed is apparently Ok, and there is no age in which he believes sleep training should start, which is ridiculous to me.

It does have some interesting information on sleep though, so if you read it JUST for that information you can block out the other negative stuff, but I would not pay money for any book that endorses any form of CIO, which Wiesbluth does.

Having said that, I do believe babies wake for a reason, and since they cannot communicate that reason, I think it's our job to find out why they are waking and help them re-settle.

I would rule out food sensitivities. Have you started solids? I would back off on the solids for a few days and see if that helps. How often is she pooping? Ava has become a once-a-weeker, and on the 5th or so day she starts getting miserable. I have now made it my life's mission to get her to poop more regularly.

What kind of solids are you feeding? Jarred? I would go to organic homemade food for a while. You NEVER know what could be in those jars. And like another posted mentioned, I would cut out ALL artificial products (except of course formula because if I remember correctly you are not breastfeeding, right?). Anything like a Gerber Puff I would cut out. Try only whole organic foods. I would also stop all grains if you are feeding them. They are REALLY hard on their digestive tract, and it's not uncommon for infants to sleep worse on them because they end up with tummy troubles at night.

Have you tried swaddling her [i]before[/i] she falls asleep? Ava puts up a minor fight as I'm wrapping her up, but it's short lived and is usually asleep minutes later. If I try to swaddle her after she falls asleep I end up waking her up an it makes it much more difficult.

And another thing.. if nothing else works, just remember that as they get more active and learn new things (crawling, sitting up, walking, talking, etc) that they can become more and more restless at night, and it is TOTALLY normal. They are learning and growing at such a rapid pace right now that becoming relaxed enough to get good sleep can be really tough. When Ava first said "mama" she was awake 2 nights in a row just talking. I swear, all night long she kept going "mama, mama, mama, mama, mamama, mamamama". She would not shut up! LOL And same thing when she learned to sit up on her own. Now she does that IN HER SLEEP. She pushes up and is then sitting up half asleep and needs my help to lay down again.

I always find that when she's about to do something new the sleep gets interrupted, and now that's she standing up I think our latest sleep problems are a combination of teething and her desire to walk. She tries SO hard but just hasn't got the co-ordination.. it must be all consuming to want something so bad but be unable to do it. I think I would probably loose sleep over it too.

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