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My 11 month old son has really slowed in his weight gain. He has only gained about 2-3 lbs since he was 4 months. Our doctor said to feed him lots of fat to get him to gain more weight. I started adding about 1-2 teas of olive oil to his food. I have noticed some oil in his poos (grease stains on diaper, shinny appearence, oilly surface.) I called the nurse at a our doctor's office to ask if it is normal and she said that it is normal on occasion but that it should not occur regularly. However i discussed this with her after seeing a poo that was so oily that the oil went all the way through the diaper. Since then i have noticed other oily bms but nothing quite as extreme.
I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this or knows how much oil is normal for a poo. Also how often did your breastfed/lots of solid food baby poo??? my son goes on average 4 times a day....sometimes more though and sometimes less.

Thanks for your help!

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