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Okay....these are more than just woes....I am really at my wit's end.

DS is 7.5 months old. He has never been a great napper. Only about 15 min at a time. Longer if you hold him in your arms, but who has the time to do that?

Last week I decided to try to get him to take naps in his crib. He is doing better laying down by himself (only cries 10 min or so and then falls asleep). But it is like clockwork that he will be awake and screaming again after 30 minutes of sleep. When he wakes up he is still tired and cranky. Right now he is taking 3-4 30 minute naps a day.

I have tried EVERYTHING that I can think of to get him to sleep longer. I have read every book out there about naps. I have tried Babywise, Wiesbluth, and others to no avail. None of these books really seem to address the issue of not sleeping long enough. They only say to leave him in the crib until he does sleep long enough. Well, he has cried for a solid hour after he wakes up the few times that I have left him in there after his 30 minutes of sleep. I have tried sitting in there with him and when his 30 minutes is almost up trying to pat his back and help him stay asleep, but it didn't help.

I truly think that he is having trouble switching from a deep sleep cycle into his lighter sleep (which is supposed to happen at 30-40 minutes). But I cannot find anything out there that has suggestions of how to get through this!

He sleeps about 11 hours at night with one feeding. I know that all babies are different and that he may not need a lot of sleep, but he definitely needs more than he is getting. He used to be such a happy (and I mean HAPPY) baby. But now, he is so tired all of the time that he is more cranky than anything.

HELP!!! I am really frustrated and I feel like an awful mother because I can't figure this out!!

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