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[quote]Is my son sleeping too long and not eating enough?[/quote]

Yes and yes!

You definitely need to wake him to nurse every 2 hours!! If the bottles are interfering with this, you need to cut them back. I would also ditch the bottle and use an SNS system (your lactation consultant will know what this is). It is a feeding tube you tape to your nipple that has formula in it so when he nurses at the breast he gets supplemented by that without getting a bottle. It cuts out one step (the bottle) and allows him to still suckle at the breast which is what you need for your supply.

4 hours is dangerously too long for a breastfed baby, and pumping is just not the same. You need to pump [i]after[/i] you nurse, not in lieu of it.

I hate to say this, but if that is what your LC has you doing, I would look into finding another one.

My daughter was also jaundiced, so I know how hard it is to feed a sleeeeeeeepy baby, but I would get wet wash clothes and put them on her feet and the back of her neck. I also stripped her down to a diaper and took my shirt off so we were skin to skin, and then rubbed her head to keep her awake. If you put gentle pressure on the button of their chin it will get them sucking again, and I also suggest breast compressions in different positions. It will increase the flow of milk and encourage more swallowing, which will create more sucking.

I would do this every two hours, and count from the beginning of the last feed, not the end. It will feel like you start the whole process over again in 20 minutes, but it's important to encourage as much time at the breast as possible. A pump will just not cut it. And the nice thing about the SNS is is that ANY little bit you are able to pump you can use as your supplement instead of formula.

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