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Re: Bed Time-HELP
Dec 6, 2006
You said your child is 7 to 8 months? That's still early enough to get a routine going. But what you got to do is just let your baby cry it out. Im not saying put her to sleep and then just leave her until she eventually cries but put her to at a certain time every night when she is drowsy like after eating or a bath, etc. put her down pat her back for a couple minutes. let the baby cry for 5 minutes then come back in consult the baby(DO NOT PICK UP OR ROCK BACK TO SLEEP) then leave after a couple minutes. now let the baby cry for 10 minutes, consult, wait 15 minutes, etc. I know some people cant stand hearing their baby cry but its a good routine. With my routine I started doing that with my son when he was 3 weeks old. some say a little early but i gotta set the tempo lol now 5 weeks old. he used to cry for like 25 minutes before getting to sleep but now sometimes its like 5-10 minutes. then sleeps like 6-7 hours. Hope this is of help to you good luck

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