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My DD didn't go throught that at the age, but we are now at 26months. She has been sleeping in her crib since 6 weeks old and has slept through the night since then also. The only time she was allowed to be in bed with us was if she was really sick. Otherwise she has to stay in her own bed. We pretty much let her cry it out. Which usually doesn't take her long. I have to been really strong. When i put her to bed she will look at me with those sad eyes and say mommy i sleep with you or i hold you. Which is so touching, but i don't want her sleeping with me to become a habit. We had friends that their son slept with them until he was 3 and still had problems then with him ending up in bed with them in the middle of the night. Which i am not saying is a bad thing. It's just our personal perference on the matter. We want her sleeping in her own bed. If sleeping with you isn't something you mind and don't care that becomes a habit. Everyone has there own way of parenting and i don't think that one way is any better then the other. I just know with my DD if i let her sleep with me it would happen every night and i just think she should be sleeping in her own bed. I am not sure it would just be a phase. It could be. Wish you the best with this. Parenting can be a struggles sometimes and we don't get an instructions book on how to do it.

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