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How do you know when to increase formula for a newborn? My son is 1 month old. I read that at one month, they can start to eat 4 oz. of formula.

He gets an ounce of breast milk from me and then 2 oz. in formula. (I have to supplement) Is it time to up his intake of formula now that he is one month old?
[QUOTE=KeltoKel]OUCH! I know because I pump every day to test how much I am producing.[/quote]

That was not intended as a burn, it's just the truth. Pumping is not an indication of how much you are producing. (Check out LLL or Kellymom, they can explain it better then me.)

I just recently started pumping again in the mornings (I ran out of the freezer supply) and I can only pump less then 1 ounce per breast. My daughter is 9 months old, so I KNOW she is taking more then 2 ounces at a feeding. Our body's will respond differently to the plastic and mechanical sucking then they will to a real infant.

[quote]I NEVER pull off my son. He nurses for 30-40 minute and then comes off on his own. He is not content and needs to more to eat - smacking his lips and crying b/c he is hungry. [/quote]

Good. (And I never meant to imply that you did!) If he is not content, and is still hungry, and is not being satisfied at the breast, then by all means supplement. :) Have you tried the SNS? Then you wouldn't have to deal with bottles, as he'd receive the supplement at the breast. It eliminates an entire step, and some women find it a lot easier then messing with bottles. We tried it, but she wouldn't latch with it. I really like it though, I just wish she would have nursed that way. Breastfeeding, pumping, AND using bottles is exhausting!

[quote]I disagree. Bottle fed babies need an increase in formula at certain ages. My milk supply is not increasing. I have to depend on the bottle and not my breasts. I have noticed that my son is going shorter in between feedings - which is why I asked the original question. [/quote]

If your son is going shorter between feedings it may mean several things. A growth spurt, perhaps? Plus, just when you get used to a certain "routine", they'll switch it up on you. Ava would go anywhere from 2 hours to 45 minutes, and every time she seemed to change it freaked me out. Just go with the flow and follow his cues, he won't lead you astray. ;)

[quote]It is very important for me to know how much he needs and is eating.[/QUOTE]

He will let you know. ;) But at about a month it can vary from 19-28 ounces. But honestly, when you go back to work, you'll find it's a trial and error process. Like I said above it's best to make several small bottles, then you can always offer another ounce if you suspect he is still hungry. Just follow his cues. Nurse on demand. And fill in the gaps with a bottle. As he grows things will change, and he'll dictate how much he needs. This is how I did it. Just keep in mind that what goes in must come out, and watching wet and poopy diapers is THE best way to gage how much he is getting.

Have done a feeding diary? This also helped me. I actually got a white board to put above her change table so I could mark everything. I had a column for feedings (nursing and bottles) and one for diapers. You can actually get a pretty good idea of what they're getting by looking at the averages over a day or two. You'll also notice patterns and stuff. It helped me A LOT.

If he is gaining well (and you can do weekly weight checks to be sure), and is having plenty of wet diapers, there is no need to worry.

The biggest growth spurts are usually around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months. So if he is nursing more frequently, or is hungry more often, go with it. It doesn't mean that he's not getting enough, he may just be going through a growth spurt.

I'm sorry if you thought my post was snippy, that wasn't at all what I meant (I was probably in the middle of making dinner or

And remember, pumping is NOT an indication of your supply. :p

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