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DS is 5 months old and has had multi-grain cereal in his bottle since he was 3 1/2 months old. I never started with just rice cereal, but just went straight to multi-grain---has oatmeal, barley, long grain rice (NOT white rice) etc.... :) He never had any issues with it and it has worked like a charm since. :) I only give it to him for his first morning feeding when he wakes up and for his bedtime feeding. I try to not give it to him ALL day long. :) He's also on jar fruits and veggies. Though he prefers fruits more so at the moment. :) The multi-grain cereal I get is by Earth's Best and runs about $2.50-$2.79 a box and it lasts him about a month. :):wave:

I'm a first time mom too! :)
I started giving my DS cereal younger than usual because he was low birth weight and they were trying to get his lungs to grow faster (they were significantly damaged due to a high frequency ventilator). I never put it in the bottle, I always spoon fed, because 1) he liked it better and 2) it kept him full longer.

I started with rice, then mixed cereal, then full oatmeal. Once he was okay with those, we introduced veggies and fruits and now, at 10 months old, we are experimenting with all types of things.

I don't know about the oatmeal helping constipation, my son has always been constipated and he eats oatmeal daily. I do, on occasion give him some prune juice to help things along.

I wish you luck.


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