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that makes me sick that people can abuse a child..there was a guy a few hrs from here who got arrested for child abuse..she was only 6 wks old and he smashed her head off a sink and table, shocked her several times with some type of gun and bent her leg back over her head until it broke..he admitted to abusing her since she was made me sick to my stomach..i cried when i heard it on the news...its disgusting how people can do that....may i ask are you adopting this child or taking care of her temporarily?!..i agree with the above poster to ask her if she wants to sleep with you..shes probably scared of people if she is used to be being abused..thats all shes ever known obviously and it probably will take a bit of time for her to trust anyone..just keep on comforting her in anyway you can and be gentle and let her know you are not going to hurt her..if you are keeping her for a while, and she has a room there, maybe decorate it with comforting things and stuffed animals and make her feel safe and comfortable...ive never been in a situation like this so im not sure what advice to offer you...i would say just keep comforting her and give her a little bit of time to earn the trust...good luck to you!

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