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This will be the first court date so I'm not sure. Baby is doing really well, She's so happy now. She's gaining weight and growing fast. I think she's catching up now that her nutritional needs are being met. She's talking up a storm and can name all her body parts. We play the " what does say game" and she can mimick several amimal now. What does the cow say? MOOOOOO. I was doing this with her one day and said what does Poppa say? (She calls my Dh Poppa) and she said Wuv YOU. It was so darn cute DH just cried. She's still very hyper but That we can deal with. We just keep her entertained by including her in Everything we do. Mom folds laundry baby unfold laundry. LOL

She loves story times. We also got her a night time glow worm that she just loves. She knows how to turn it on at night. She calls him bo-bo and makes sure that bo-bo is in her bed with her before she'll lay down. The music at night is a big part of her bedtime routine now. She gives everyone kisses then heads for the bedroom and says music. We turn it on and she sways back and forth for a minute then cuddles me for awhile before she lays down for the night. She still wakes up at night but it's a routine now. Alway around 12:30 and she just wants some formula.

I really want to start weaning her off the bottle but My heart tells me to wait a bit longer. We introduced her to sippy cups and at first she hated it but now she'll take it in place of a bottle during the day but at night she won't have anything to do with it. Giving what she's been through I think it's better to take that away slow.

She is very loved and has brought with her a spark to all our lives. I will keep you updated as to our progress with the TPR. Thanks for listening AGAIN!

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