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What I do, as my dd is almost 7 months old, when my doctor told me at my dd's 6 month check-up for a snack she said the "Graduates Finger Foods" (cherry, peach, and I think banana puffs) are a good first snack. They are puffs that dissolve in your mouth. I was a little nervous about it at first and tried it myself to see how long it takes for the puffs to dissolve and I felt it was quick. They are the size of cheerios, but when first giving the puffs to her, I cut them into 3 very small parts so they would be small enough for her. She liked them instantly, and after only a couple days I stopped cutting them into pieces and gave them to her whole. She tends to put everything into her mouth and this was no different, and I'll put one in front of her, and she grabs it and goes straight to her mouth to eat. I never leave her alone though when giving her her snack. I probably won't do that for a long time.

This is just my own experience, everyone is different. But, those puffs are wonderful.


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