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i have been giving DS cereal for a month now and 2 weeks ago, i started feeding him applesauce..not too often but usually once a day or sometimes every other day..well this morning i gave him a little bit of pears and tonight i gave him a few bites of green beans..probably only 3-4 bites...well he was pretty good most of the day but around 7:30 he started getting REALLY fussy and was grunting and moaning..he wouldnt eat or sit still he just cried and cried..he finally fell asleep and 15 minutes later, he woke up and did the same thing..tried to rock him, he cried, walked around with him, he cried..still wouldnt take his bottle..i have no idea what is wrong but i dont want to be up every 15 minutes through the night and breaks my heart to hear him cry so much and nothing i do helps him! Do you think either one of the foods i gave him has anything to do with it and if so, what do i do?!?! im afraid to give him any more solids! any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!:)

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