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I personally DO NOT agree with crying it out, ESPECIALLY at that young of an age. To me, it seems like a form of torture. I would never want someone to stick me in a dark room alone while I'm scared, on top of that, not being able to reason why and needing comfort....

Why is a child depending on mommy or daddy for comfort such a problem for some people?? I cherish the fact that my son needs me and needs his father.

How many teenagers want mommy or daddy to help them fall asleep???
I feel, today, that I can definately interject a lot to this discussion as a mother of 2 boys who both have challenged me at bed time.
Ds#1 was bottle fed EBM (due to a latch problem at birth) till he was 10 months old and then had a bottle of formula or milk at bedtime till he was 18 months or so... and then milk in a sippy at bedtime still. Intially he wouuld always fall asleep while drinking and go down that way. I tried to wake him so that he could learn to settle himself but he would just scream and cry and carry on. At just over a year or so on we began reading with him in his room together as a family and then he'd move to his crib and go to sleep no problem...he was ready at this age.
My 7 month old, gratefully, was able to nurse and from birth to 2 months or so would nurse before bed and still be awake. I'd lay him in his basinette in our room, leave the room and he'd fall asleep. Shortly there after he began falling asleep at the breast and no matter how hard I tried to wake him and have him go down awake he wasn't agreeing.
The last few weeks of holidays have been hard for him and he's either still awake after nursing at night time or he wakes up after an hour or so. Last night I ended up trying everything possible...including CIO. He cried to the point that he almost threw up. No one can tell me that is ok for your child.
Eventually I put him in his swing and sat up reading a good book until he dozed off.
Both boys wake up through the night (the littlest to eat, the oldest to drive me nuts!!!). Often they are upset and dreaming. I could never settle them down and leave them when like seems cruel to me unless they really are settled.
Kids grow so quick and soon don't want to cuddle with you. You are NOT doing them a diservice but cuddling and rocking at bed time. Yes you might be establishing a routine that might be harder to break but as you can see above, it is breakable at the right age. Every child is different and every household is different. As long as whatever you are doing works for you and doesn't stress you out (which the intense crying definately does me!!!) I would continue to do what works for you.

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