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my ds is almost 1 month-on friday-and sometimes seems to be hungry after her 4oz of formula........if i give her more she will eat it but is this too much? if i give her extra, it's about 1.5oz extra........should i start increasing each bottle to 5 oz?

i just don't know if there is a certain amount of food a baby is to eat each month??
Let your baby guide how much you feed them. You'll hear everything from 'at the age of * you need to feed them * oz' .. In my opinion that's crap lol. I feed on demand with my son still. When he's hungry, he eats what he needs to eat.

If your little one wants more, then go ahead and up her intake. It may just be a growth spurt.
my little girl is 2 weeks old and when i had her she was only taking 2 oz now she is taking 4 oz and have gone from 8lb 14 to 9lb 4 if you think you need to increase it do so :)
i agree with the other posters. Let the baby tell you how much she needs or wants. My daughter is a month old and she lets me know when she's hungry and when she wants more.. and i give it to her. Shes been eating 4 oz at her feedings but sometimes she just wants a little bit more. Let your baby tell you if shes still sucking when the bottle runs out maybe try another ounce. My daughters pediatrician told me that a baby will drink what they want and need and not a sip more. I was told you can't over feed a baby.
that's really good to know..that they won't drink more if they aren't hungry...was worried that i'd be over feeding her.

As long as the baby doesn't get really fussy after a large feeding or spits up it's ok. My daughter who is now 12.5 months old was taking 5 oz at every feeding at 2 months old.
Manchek - your worries are the same as mine were when my DS was 1 month.

I have learned that you feed them until they are full. I was so worried about how much DS should be eating - how many hours in between feedings, etc. that I stressed myself out over it.

I have learned to feed on demand and to give him more if he is still hungry. Sometimes he wants more - sometimes he doesn't. Just follow what your baby needs.
Our peditrician uses a rule of thumb on how much to feed a baby based upon its weight. I'd tell you that rule, but I don't believe in it. He also says that whatever age they are, they shouldn't drink more than 32 ounces a day.

I don't track how much formula we use. I feed him on demand and I feed him as much as he wants. But, I do try to make sure he doesn't eat too fast and we get a burping in about half way through. Our pediatrician says it takes a formula fed baby longer to realize that its stomach is full than a breastfeed baby, so you have to be careful not to feed them too fast.

My first child drank more than the 32 ounces. But she was average weight so I didn't worry. Even if she had been a bit more than average, I wouldn't have worried because it is true that they only eat what they need. So perhaps she just needed more than the standard rules provide for.

I usually make a 4 ounce bottle for my 2 month old. If he drains it and still seems unhappy after a bit (I take my time burping him) then I get him some more - about an ounce or two more. Sometimes he drains it and he is cuing to me that he wants more right away, so I don't make him wait. Usually he breathes really fast or he turns his head to the side repeately to let me know he's still hungry.

With my daughter we had problems with "grazing" so we had to keep each bottle out for the entire hour that it's good for in case she needed a top off or two. It was a real pain because she might eat 2 ounces of the bottle at first and then 15 minutes later want another ounce and 15 minutes later another, and so on. I just let her do it because it didn't seem to harm her at all and she was getting the amount of food in the amounts and timing she needed.

So, basically, listen to your little one regarding how much to feed and when.

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