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Im so frustrated and worried, and maybe some of you who have had recent extensive experience with feeding can help. My baby is just over 2 weeks old. He was quite big at birth, 9'9. I had been exclusively breastfeeding, and in the first week he left hospital the same weight that he was born, a period most babies loose weight. Breastfeeding had been going beautifully, he latched on very well, two different nurses had checked his technique and it all looked good. Except - that they had told me that I only needed to feed on one side per feed. By the end of the second week, he hadnt gained any weight, and I think he may have lost 90 grams, and theyre telling me he should be gaining around 150g a week. On Tuesday he started vomiting, not just reflux, but real vomits after every feed, and it was bright yellow. So I took him into the er where they made us sit from 730pm to 430am before admitting us for observation. 3 different drs looked at him and lots of nurses and all had a different opinion on what had caused it. In any case it stopped and we went home. Today I went to the gp and she said they found ecoli in his urine so she prescribed antibiotics for that.

My health nurse came to the house to visit and check in with us, and she watched him feeding and said that she thought my breasts dont have enough milk to make him full, and that a baby his age should be drinking 120ml per feed, and because of the one sided feeding my supply had dropped off. So that I should feed him for 20min on the breast and then offer him 60-90 ml of formula untill my supply built up again. But the thing is, hes just not interested in drinking that much. So I tried giving him 1 feed of just formula after a 4 hour sleep to see just how much he would take, and he wont take any more than 80 ml but usually only 30-50ml. Thats really really low amount when theyre telling me he should be drinking 120ml.

So now Im wondering, did my supply go down from the one sided feeding and now he isnt used to drinking alot? Or is he not interested in drinking alot, which made my supply go down? Hes very happy after his small feeds and will happily sleep a good 4 hours or more. The dr I saw today wasnt worried at all about his weight gain, or lack thereof, or how much he is drinking.

So here are my questions...

Is it possible for him to continue to eat so little and still be healthy?
Is it likely there is something bigger wrong with him that means he is unable to eat alot and effects his weight gain?
Do babies always have to gain weight every week?
I dont feel confident about breastfeeding now, which upsets me because we were doing so well I thought, he was happy, I was happy, and now I feel like if I continue with it he might not get enough milk and I wont know theres a problem.

I know it sounds like Im spinning, but Ive been bounced from one medical professional to another, all who have a different opinion on whats going on with him.

I would really like some advice or just opinions. My emotions are still raw from having given birth so recently, and Im of course worrying theres something really wrong with him.

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