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will be one month tomorrow since i gave birth to my ds (first baby) via c-section. had NO bleeding after the section as my dr really irrigated me very well. today i had lots of bleeding...just poured out of me..very heavy. is this my period or is this something else? is it too soon to start my period? also, with a c-section, am i able to use tampons or do i have to use pads for a while? don't have my 6 week post partum appt until 2 weeks from now. if blleding doesn't slow down, i'll call doc but wanted to hear from you ladies.


boy, didn't miss not having my period for 9 months!!!!
I had a c-section a little over a year ago. I remember bleeding for about 5 weeks afterwards and then getting my perioid at about 9 weeks post partum. I used tampons for my 2nd period PP.
Are you breastfeeding? If so, this would be pretty early for your period to return I'd think.
I had a c-section about 6.5 months ago and bled for about 3 weeks afterwards off and on. Then at 4 months post partum I got my first period. It was heavy but not too bad. I waited another 7.5 weeks for the next one (started to get a little nervous that ds was going to have a sibling real close in age!!!) and it was AWFUL. Very heavy and very clotty and poured out too.
I would go and see your doctor if there is any unusual clots, the bleeding doesnt' slow at all or you start to feel odd. This could mean that you have some type of infection or problem.
It seems kind of early to start your period. But I know that my first period pp was a nightmare. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and looked down and the floor was covered in blood and it was pouring down my leg. So maybe for some reason you are starting your's earlier than most do. Who knows? Hang in there though and like you said, call your dr if you feel that it isn't right.
With my first, I had a postpartum hemorrhage and a D&C after the birth. So, I had a shorter period of bleeding after the birth. I had my first period about a month after I had my baby.
i never heard anyone say they never bled at all after a c section before. i bled very light but for about 5/6 weeks then i part b/f part ff and af returned about 2 months pp. i used tampax from that af onewards.

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