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My 8.5 month old has a top tooth poking through. She also has a runny nose. No fever. It has been very difficult getting her to drink from the bottle. She only drinks 1 full bottle a day (5 ounces..this is normal for her) and the rest is nibble here and nibble there... She's getting 17 - 20 ounces per day. I read that she should have AT LEAST 24 ounces a day. Sometimes, I give her formula out of a medicine dropper or from a cup since she refuses the bottle. Other times, she gets mad at me for this and won't swallow her formula. She'll eat solids fine. Is this perhaps because her front tooth is hurting her gums? Should I be worried? She's not sleeping well, either. She's waking up every 3 hours like a newborn. Tylenol and Ibuprofen don't seem to help. :confused: Oh yeah, she's a big girl.... she was 95th for height and weight at her last doctor visit, so I'm assuming she needs more formula than she's drinking. Any ideas? Should I avoid solids to get her to drink more? I'd hate to do this because she's VERY active (and still is through all this). Thanks for any advice.

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