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The biggest challenge is my sanity LOL!!! Actually believe it or not our biggest challenge is 'over loving'. My older son adores his baby brother and wants to play all the time, hug all the time and touch, kiss etc. ALL THE TIME!!! The baby hates it MOST OF THE TIME!!! We are now working on 'your brother has bubble around him..don't break his bubble'.
We'd planned to have our kids 2.5+ years apart but I miscarried the first month we tried again (right away...hardly knew I was pg) and then coudn't seem get pg for a few months. If we have another, it will be 2-2.5 years apart with any luck!!! BUT don't think I have it under control...that schedule is really my ideal schedule. Lately we've all been sick and seem to be able (thank GOD) to sleep till 8:30...which throws the whole day off. I only have a month till I go back to work so hopefully we can get back to a schedule that will work for us all.
A note on your earlier post and to the original poster.... The cereal at 7:30 trick seems to be working. Now we seem to be dropping the 3:30 feed and only having a 5:15 one. This will work well when I return to work as I had planned to wake him to feed at 5:30 and then do a work out before getting both boys up to go to childcare/work.

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