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1. ds gets constipated i mix 1/2 and 1/2 prune juice with water as his drink through the day it works better than medication does he is now 10 months so i am able to chop prunes and add them to his porridge at breakfast.

2. sorry can't help did not have vaginal delivery

3. in the uk it is recommended we sterilise all bottles and teats till baby is 12 months old. that means i sterilise his bottles evry night and make them up with cooled boiled water just adding formula as the bottle is required. i have an avent steriliser i get the impression sterilising is not seen to be important in the u.s as i heard lot sof moms on this site say they do it occassionallly or till their baby was ac ouple of months omg - maybe we are just sterile freaks over here but i would rather bare on the side of caution.
Constipation - if the rectal thermometer thing isn't your style (not mine...I'm an armpit or ear girl) try using a good quality q-tip with vaseline on it. Slowly insert it and move it around a little bit. It will likely not take to long before it stimulates the muscles to push it back out and the inturn the fecal matter as well. I would hesitate to give a newborn anything but breastmilk or formula.
As for sterilizing....I did it with bottles in the microwave (best investment I ever made) for my first until he was 4-5 months old and with my second for about 2-3 months. After that it was just really soapy warm water. As for soothers...I'll admit that I am very bad for not sterilizing them very often but when I do use the microwave. Otherwise I just wash it in soapy water.

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