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is it normal to have a very heavy period after a c-section? i started my first one last week-about 4 weeks after the section...still have....some days hardly anything...others like today, lots of clots! normal? does this 1st one last longer too?

also-have my 6 week checkup next friday.....IF i still am bleeding, will i need to reschedule?
My first pd after my section didn't come till 4 months post partum (but I am breastfeeding). It was slightly heavier and longer...and crampier. Then I waited another 7.5 weeks for the next one and it was VERY clotty and crampy and heavy and long.
Not sure about the 6 week check up as I never had one. My OB did a check up on the incision but I had used a midwife and she said that as I had never had abnormal cells I did not need to have an internal done until a year after my last one (which was November and I now have no doctor and can't get an appointment for it...guess I should have gotten one at 6 weeks after all).
Yes, on average the first period is longer, heavier, and just plain nastier than other periods. Mine was horrible! And I went to my 6 week PP even though I had my period because my incision still needed to be checked. It's not just a pap visit, so I wouldn't reschedule.
Yes, I had an internal at my six week check up. She also did either a pap or smear, because she stuck something up there. LOL. It didn't hurt at all, I just didn't know they did that post partum. I just thought she'd look at my incision and let me go, but I guess they feel to make sure things feel right or back in place after delivery? Good luck!

Hi Ladies!

I got my first period about 3 days ago and it was much heavier than it was before I got pregnant, so I guess I'm on track with everyone here. Also, I had some eggwhite CM about 6 days before that and that was at the same time as my 6 week checkup (doc did my annual pap smear then). He had to "clear out some mucus" he said in order to do the exam (yuck!). Also, the EWCM was particularly clumpy and heavy... Otherwise there was no other "checking" done (to feel for ovaries or uterus, etc). But, this was not my regular Gyn (my Gyn is not an OB but my OB is a Gyn too... if that makes sense).

Oh, and of course, because of my MRSA infection in the incision site, I've been doing weekly visits with my OB. Incision is almost completely healed now.


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