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Its been really hot here. My baby is 4 weeks old. And since the heat has been really bad over the last few days, his appetite seems to have gone down. The day before yesterday it was quite cool, and he ate every 2 hours or sometimes 3 - on the breast. Then yesterday it was ridiculously hot, like nothing hes experienced yet in his short little life. He was a pretty grizly, but did pretty well. But he seemed to eat less and he refused to take anymore. He still ate every 3-4 hours but only ate for 5-10 minutes on both sides together or would only take one side. Then for the first time during the night he went 6 hours between feeds, and then threw up his 3am feed and then went right back to sleep. Today he continued to sleep all the time and eat very little and less often. He has so far picked up a little tonight. We have tried to give him some water but he wont take much.

That said although he is noticably sleeping much more than is usual for him, when he is awake he is still very alert and seemingly happy - still smiling and looking around paying attention to things. He isnt showing any real signs of dehydration - his skin isnt dry, his fontanel isnt sunken etc. He is sleeping much more and his wet nappies have dropped way off which are the main signs.

So my questions are:

[COLOR="darkorchid"]Why is he feeding less, is it normal and is it dangerous in the heat when he should be drinking more to stay hydrated?[/COLOR]
Sometimes in the middle or at the beginning of a feed he is really difficult. He starts kicking and grizling and pulling off the breast. I feel like every feed is a fight - he acts like hes hungry but then fights me. [COLOR="darkorchid"]Is it possible Im giving in too easily and he really wants more to drink but Im misunderstanding what he wants ie i think hes finished because he fight me when really theres something else wrong like he just uncomfortable and cranky but still hungry?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]How will I know if theres a problem with him from the heat? [/COLOR]Hes a fairly well behaved baby so its hard to tell when somethings wrong. [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Is his sleeping more and eating less a sign somethings wrong, or is normal behaviour in the heat?[/COLOR] (I know Im sleepier and less hungry in the heat). [COLOR="darkorchid"]And even if its normal, is it dangerous and if so what do I do to ensure hes getting enough fluids?[/COLOR]

Has anyone else had experience with little babies in the heat? I guess Im really just looking to know whats normal and what to look out for if somethings wrong? And any general tips would be fantastic.

Thanks heaps for any replies...:)

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