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There's LOTS of stuff you can do to get your supply back up. I don't think it's pumping that's lowering it; I know many mommies that have exclusively pumped and had absolutely no problems. It may be stress from going back to work.

Anyway, regardless of what the underlying issue is...

*Take fenugreek. You should be able to get it at WalMart, a pharmacy, or GNC. This works especially well if you take it with blessed thistle as well.

*Eat oatmeal. The real stuff, not the instant kind.

*Try the Mother's Milk tea.

*Pump more often. Even at home, pump as much as you can after nursing your baby. Demand creates the more you demand out of your body, the more it will create.

Also, how old is your baby? Because at some point, your breasts AREN'T going to feel full. They'll feel soft and mushy and still have lots of milk in them. That's perfectly natural.

Babies sometimes get fussy and cranky even when they're full, and they'll often take a bottle after nursing even if they're actually full.

As far as waking up, that's normal, too...even if she was sleeping through the night before. She may also not always be waking up for an actual feeding, so try to soothe her back to sleep - without picking her up if you can! - before offering the breast. My son was doing wonderfully with sleeping through the night, but over the past couple of weeks, he's been waking up a few times as well. Sometimes I can soothe him back to sleep with his mobile; sometimes he really is hungry.

Check out the KellyMom website. They've got tons of great info over there to help reassure you. If all else fails, make an appointment with a lactation consultant...don't let this stop you from breastfeeding! Lots of women struggle with low supply issues at some point or another, but there are ways for you to get it back up! Hang in there!

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