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Sorry for this long response, but I'm really interested in this topic. I love to cook and it's important to me that our DD learns to like new foods and keep an open mind to healthy eating. We never force her to eat anything. In fact, I often give her the food I've cooked and go about other business in the kitchen. This seems to make the whole event relaxed and casual, which helps her focus on the food.

My DD is 9 months old tomorrow and is doing great eating "real" food. We've LOVED and used the book "First Meals" by Annabel Karmel. It has lots of easy recipes and ideas for first foods (4-6 months) to more advanced things as they progress. Have you tried;

-Mashing up a ripe banana and feeding fingertips of it
-Mashing up an avocado, mango, papaya
-Our DD loved very small pieces of watermelon (like the size of an eraser on a regular pencil)
-She's a cheerio freak and this was recommended by our ped as a great first "finger food"
-Our ped suggested cooking the heck out of any veggie we're eating and letting her try feeding herself. She believes that babies are more inclined to try something and enjoy it when it's "their" idea. (Hey, it's worked so far!!)

Now that she's got the hang of eating what I do is this;
-I steam or sautee a small piece of fish or chicken. That will last us 3-5 days. I simply re-heat a small bit of the fish/chicken in the microwave. Then, I cut it into really small pieces. She's able to gum the small bites and swallow with no problems. Be sure to cook everything well, use no salt or spices and a tiny amount of butter/margerine.

-I cook a small batch of egg noodles. They are small and soft and she LOVES to scoop giant handfuls up to her mouth. Or, potatoes are great too. (well cooked and kind of mashed in small bites)

-I steam or sautee a veggie. I buy the matchstick carrots (already in tiny pieces) and steam. Green beans have been good too.

This way she gets a protein, starch and veggie with each meal. We start each meal with her formula, then let her go with the self-feeding. A MAJORITY of the food ends up on her face, on the floor and in the chair. But, she's learning and this is the key. I really love seeing her try something new and decide, Yummy!!

I like to offer a fruit as "dessert." She really likes small pieces of any type of fruit so far. Sometimes I give yogurt too. (I was real bad the other night and gave her some licks from my frozen yogurt ice-cream bar!!!)

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