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Help. My 5 month old keeps waking up at night at the same times. He is not hungry or at least shouldn't be. He is not teething and it is not a growth spurt (it has been happening for over a month). He gets 8 oz of formula at 7:00, falls asleep at 7:30 and is up crying at 10:30 then again 3 to 4 hours later. The Dr. said to just let him cry it out because he needs to break that pattern. We tried that for a few nights. He would cry for literally hours and then I would feed him around 1 and he would go right back to sleep. The only thing to calm him down is food. We tried rocking him and as soon as he was calm we would put him back in the crib and he would wake up crying. Any suggestions, I need sleep! Thanks.

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