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I had a preemie, so breastfeeding and milk supply was a very difficult issue. My DS#3 was born 16 weeks early, so my body was nowhere near ready to make milk. The lactation consultant and nurses I worked with recommended that I drink Mother's Milk Tea (it can be found in the health food aisle of most large grocery stores.) I drank 4-5 cups a day, and pumped every 3 hours, and within 3 days I had milk. Whenever my milk would start to diminish, I would start drinking the tea again. There is also something called Kangaroo Care that can help. In the NICU, moms (and some Dads) hold their babies with skin to skin contact. The baby has on just a diaper, and is placed on the mother's chest, between her breasts (then covered with blankets to keep warm.) Whenever I did Kangaroo Care with my DS, I would fill up with so much milk, that I had to pump [I]much[/I] longer to get it all out.

I would encourage your DIL to keep trying, but she may have to continue pumping and bottlefeeding. I would not supplement with formula at all. Breastmilk has so much more nutrition, and even if it is coming out of a bottle, its okay. I pumped exclusively because my DS would not latch on.

I agree with "aelliott" about the amount of milk. Just because the doctor or a book says that a newborn should only be taking 3 or 4 ounces, doesn't mean that is all the baby actually needs. At this age, babies don't over-eat. (Over-eating is a skill we learn when get older:D ) The baby will tell you when she is full. Good Luck to you all.
That's a good tip about the tea. Thanks for mentioning that. I had so much trouble and nobody mentioned that to me. I'm due again in May and was hoping this would be the "magic" one. I'll have to keep that in mind to try if I have any problems with amount. Thanks! I unfortunatly had to supplement with the formula because my first son had jaundice terribly.

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