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Thanks mama4 for consulting with your doc. Yes I am sure its ear infection, since he has been to see the doc many times already, was a preemie so had extra visits in the beginning, then vaccinations, plus sick visits and follow ups from sick visists. ONly 2 x has he said "Yikes" when looking in the ear. Usually he says ears are clear. He also said babies pull their ears anyway when playing/teething. But DS is pulling so much and so frequent, sticking his finger inside his ear and clawing at his face/cheek. HE said the left ear is worse than the right and said it was "definetly infected" I asked could it be wax? He said"definetly not" HE is not the kind of doctor to do the antibiotics over every little thing. He made my DS ride out the first few colds as long as nose was running clear.

I do agree that DS immune system will improve eventually. I teach PRE-K and have for 13 years. I noticed the kids who never went to daycare are always sick and absent and the kids who have been in daycare from day 1 are always there and rarely sick. I have found that to be the case in all of the states I have lived in. Also he was a 36 weeker and was in NICU so maybe that is why is immune system is so bad, he had a bit of a rough start, with jaundice, low blood sugar, respitory distress, feeding difficuties etc. HE lost a whole pound in 5 days. Anyhow, thanks again for the advice. It is good to have other mamas to talk to. . .

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